Friday, August 5, 2016

I Am So Blessed to be Serving Him

Mexico City Temple
The CCM still is as great as ever! I had the opportunity to go to the temple again today and I felt I learned a lot! The spirit there was incredible. I am pretty sure that I will have one more opportunity to go while I am in the CCM too! Probably in two weeks or so

So Spanish this week has been tough, but I feel that I have learned a ton. Our teachers made a funny rule that every time we speak more than three english words in a row, we have to do five pushups! It is a weird rule but I am actually really glad because it is forcing us to try harder to only speak spanish.

My companions and I have been playing soccer everyday with district 6B and it is so much fun! I am super excited to be able to play it more in Uruguay, maybe even with the natives.

Half Off Ties (1/2 through the CCM)

Anyway, one reason that I love the CCM is because of how much study time we get and all of the incredible devotionals! First off, I have been really studying the Book of Mormon everyday, and have been getting SO much out of it! My love for that book increases everyday, and I know without a doubt in my heart that it is truly from God.

And on to the devotionals- I LOVE the devotionals here. We had the opportunity to hear from Elder CastaƱeda of the seventy, multiple times from President Call and President Lyons, and an AMAZING recording of Richard G Scott who talked about prayer. I love having so many leaders and teachers who are filled with the Spirit and teach us so much.

I am excited because yesterday I bought a really neat scripture case for my spanish scriptures. I think that it will be ready tonight, because they are engraving my name and mission on to it. I bought one with a really neat engraving of Christ on it and I am super excited to get it!

One other thing that happened this week was a miracle. Elder Espinosa (below picture on the far left) in my district has had a nasty cough for about two weeks now, so one night after a devotional, his companion Elder Passey gave him a blessing. It was so amazing because the very next day it was gone. I know that God really does work miracles and I am so blessed to be serving Him in this great work!

Uruguayan Flag

Love you all!!!

Elder Layton

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