Monday, July 17, 2017

The Lessons I've Learned This Past Year Have Changed My Life

Hey everyone!

I´m OLD now!!! I reached a year on Wednesday here on the mission... Weird to think. We made pancakes to celebrate in the morning, y salieron muuuuuy buenos! 

One Year Pancakes
The personal lessons I have learned this past year have already changed my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here serving the Lord. I can feel His love each and every day as I try to reach out to some of His other spirit children. Being a missionary isn't easy, but it is WORTH IT! 

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who guides us at all times and has given us of the opportunity to return to Him through His son Jesus Christ. We are so very lucky to have such a perfect plan laid out for us, and I know that God does everything in His power for us to be happy like Him. The mission has been so far the most humbling year of my life, and I don´t have any doubt that Jesus Christ is at the head of this church that I have the amazing opportunity to spread the teachings He has given us!

The sun came out on Tuesday, which has been pretty good for us because people have at least been willing to open their front doors to talk to :) We found a couple of new people who we found and taught this week, one named [...] and another named [...]. They were both really receptive and we have return dates set :) 

We also found a CAPO this week named [...]. We were out in the middle of nowhere searching for an investigator we had taught before, but he wasn't there, so we contacted a couple houses that were in the area. We then found [...], a young man a couple years older than us who was in the middle of smoking a tobacco cigarette. He decided to let us in and we went to the backyard where we met his wife [...] and their little newborn baby :) We got to know them a little and they are both from Fray Bentos, another department here in Uruguay. [...] told us she was actually baptized in the church when she was nine years old, and went to the temple to do baptisms when she was 12, but then she and her whole family inactivated, so she said she didn't remember a whole lot. They are a super nice young couple and the Restoration went super well! The spirit was really strong and I guess [...] remembered something from church because when Elder Vergara was reciting the first vision, she joined in too and recited it with him!! Wow, it was amazing. And afterwards [...] was so happy when we left them a Book of Mormon, and promised us he would read it. We are so excited to follow up this week!

We went to our other area, Cardona early Saturday morning to work, and got to the church before Juan opened it up so took advantage of taking some model shots on a cool tree in front

We also found [...] again this week, and had a great lesson! After reading Moroni´s sweet promise, I asked him who should really ´convince´ us of the truth. He understood that that testimony shouldn´t come from us or any other person, but from God. He looked at us and said that he had never heard another religion acknowledge that it is God himself who must personally convince us of the truth. After we finished, his wife [...] came home and was super nice, so we are hoping on teaching the both of them the next time we swing by!

[...] passed his baptismal interview a couple of days ago! So we should be going through with it on Saturday! We were planning on going to Nueva Helvecia since our pool is broken, but now we can do it here in Rosario because people with be coming here to fix it. So we are excited!! Hope you guys all have a great week!

Elder Layton

Monday, July 10, 2017

One Year Anniversary

Hey everyone!

Well I am glad you guys all seem to be enjoying a nice warm summer in Bend because here has been the wettest week of my life hahaha. In fact, I haven't seen an inch of sky since Wednesday, as we have been completely fogged out for five straight days now! I´m not too sure when it is gonna clear up, but hey the work of the Lord goes on :). It is apparently like this in all of Uruguay right now. 

The good news though is we have been offered various ´tortas fritas´ (which are like scones) from different people haha. Uruguay has a tradition of making them whenever it rains. We also visited a less active family this week and they gave us milk that had come straight from the cow just a few minutes earlier. Haha, I actually thought it was pretty good.

It has been a pretty tough week, but we found a couple of great new investigators on Saturday! We found the parents of our investigator [...] while we were contacting. They let us in and are super nice. And before we had started the lesson, their other son, who is [...]´s younger brother came by for a visit. His name is [...]. Anyways, we had a feeling we needed to talk about the Book of Mormon with them. 

[...] and his wife are really religious, but [...] who was sitting on the couch in the background said he had doubts about the Bible because everyone seemed to understand it so differently. We started talking about the BOM, and in the middle of the lesson [...]´s wife had to leave, so [...] decided to take her spot at the table. He took a Book of Mormon and a Bible sitting on the table and started to analyze them while we were talking. I noticed that he found the cross references in the Book of Mormon and started flipping through the Bible to compare. 

Well it was really awesome because after [...] said the last prayer in the lesson, Elder Vergara got talking to Angel to see when we could come back, and so I turned to [...] and offered him his own BOM. He asked me to leave him with something to read and when I gave him a chapter, he said he wanted me to mark more! Haha, so we gave him to chapters to read. He gave us his address and said he was only available on the weekends, so we are going to visit him this Saturday! Pretty amazing experience!!

We have visited [...] a couple of times this week and we are planning his baptism for July 22nd! Our baptismal pool is broken, so we will actually be planning a double baptism with the Elders in Nueva Helvecia!! We have been going over some of the missionary lessons with him again and this week went to his house to make burritos as we reviewed the Word of Wisdom. Estuvieron muuuuuuy rico (they were really good) :).

But that´s about it for the week. So weird to think that I hit a year on the mission in just a couple of days!! It is going by super fast. I love you guys all so much! See ya next week!

Elder Layton

Monday, July 3, 2017

So Sensitive to Hear Even the Smallest, Most Fervent Prayer

Hey everyone!

Overall, it has been a pretty chill week. We had our zone conference on Tuesday, and it was super awesome. I learned a lot from President and Sister Olsen, including ways to avoid falling into the `pride circle` that we so often find in the Book of Mormon. 

Personally one of my favorite scriptures that explains why becoming prideful is so foolish is found in Helaman 4:13, which tells us when we boast in our own strength and abilities, the Lord truly can leave us in our own strength (which is nothing). We must recognize this if we desire the divine guidance that the Lord makes available to us when we are humble. 

Anyways, we had a super awesome lunch as well with our zone and with the zone of Mercedes. We had `all the chicken you can eat`. I also sat by President's youngest son Luke who was there and he filled me in about all the sports in basketball and football that has happened in the past year haha.

Elder Layton was RAVING about this chocolate
[...] and his family invited us over for dinner this week, which was super awesome. He used to be a chef in fact. Anyways, he made all of this really good gourmet pizza, which was actually really funny because Elder Vergara and I happened to make pizza for lunch that day :) But anyways, they are a super awesome family. They go to the Evangelical church, but have been reading a little of the Book of Mormon, and even asked for some Liahona magazines, which we brought them. They are pretty fun to teach as well :)

We had a funny dog experience this week. We were walking to a lesson down a street I have been on various times before. We were walking along the side of a building and when it cut off at the corner, it was continued by a gate. Well we make it to the gate, and this MASSIVE dog like halfway lunged over the gate at us. Elder Vergara was on the nearer side so he got the bigger scare as the dogs face came right in front of his. I have actually never seen it before but seriously, this thing was like a bear. I`m not to sure what the owner`s feed it, but it was cuadraro. It was pretty stinkin` vicious looking haha.

President Atanasoff and Elder Layton

We went to the other area in Florencia Sanchez this week with President Atanasoff, and it was cool. We visited a whole ton of less actives, and Juan, who I met last change when we went is a total stud and helped us out the whole day. 

I also finished reading `Our Heritage` for the first time this week. And man, the history of the church is so amazing! It blows my mind how much faith the pioneers of the church had and what they were willing to sacrifice. It also is such a testimony to me how the church was able to blossom under such heavy persecution and opposition, to bring to us the full blessings of the everlasting Gospel! I know that only the divine guidance of Heavenly Father, through his true prophets in these times could help the saints overcome the incredible efforts of the adversary to stop this work from progressing. We are so very blessed today as members of the church of Jesus Christ. I know that President Monson is a true prophet on the earth today.

Something I have seen in my mission- it is crazy how the most powerful being in the universe who has control and conscience over all things, is so sensitive to hear even the smallest, most fervent prayer. I have really seen that. I offer these little desperate pleas all the time in my head to Heavenly Father and I truly know that he directs me for my good. 

It is super awesome about Eric! Super exciting and cool to say that my bro is a pilot :) 

Love you guys so much!!! Couldn´t even describe it with words! Thanks for you wonderful example to me. Sorry, don't have a ton of time so I gotta go, but I hope you have a good week :) Chau

Love you guys! 

Elder Layton

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Lord Will Bless Us Beyond All Understanding

Hey guys!

An aaaaaawesome week we have had. We have been finding quite a few new people to teach recently. First off, the other night, we found a super nice older couple named [...] and [...]. They invited us in, which was the best thing ever as we were practically proselyting in Antarctica (the nights here get coooooold, due to so much humidity). Anyways, they are very kind people and were so interested in getting to know who we are and what we do. Anyways, we shared the Restoration with them and it was so awesome! They were full of questions, and the spirit was really strong. Afterwards, they were repeatedly thanking us for coming over, which isn't too common around here :). We have another lesson with them scheduled for tonight, so I am excited!

We had a lesson with [...] this week as well. She has been keeping her reading commitments, but hasn't been able to make it to church because she is always out of town during the weekend. Anyways, her partner [...] goes hunting all of the time, and apparently they have an overabundance of meat, and so she sent us packing with like 10 pounds of steak and chorizo. Haha super awesome- so our lunches this week have been good.

We contacted someone this week named [...]. He is a stud! He actually had listened a lot to missionaries about twenty years ago, and later showed us pictures of him and a few Elders eating lunch together. When we contacted him, he was getting his daughter's birthday party all ready, but told us to come back the next day for a charla. So we did, and first thing, he started bombarding us with all this leftover food from the party haha. He is super missionary friendly :) We had a great lesson with him and his daughter, and we went back on Saturday and taught him and his mother-in-law who was there as well. We found another stud this week named [...], who is our same age. He was really interested in the Plan of Salvation, which we taught him and wanted to know more about religion, as he has never been to a church before. But he actually lives in Colonia, so we had to share with the other missionaries haha.

[...] made a big step yesterday as well! He has been going to church for three years now, but never has been baptized because he always had a big problem with the law of tithing and won´t accept it. We have tried teaching him about it quite a few times, but that is the one subject he really doesn't like touching. Anyways, this past lesson, he told us he was willing to follow this commandment! We watched a video about the young, rich man, and then read some scriptures in 2 Nephi 31, and I think it really touched him. I have never seen him ponder so deeply in a lesson, it was awesome!! 

So yeah, it has been a good, productive week. I enjoy Rosario, and even though it´s like -200 degrees, it is all so worth it. I am grateful to have an opportunity to help build the kingdom of God here on earth and to be a missionary. I know that there are sacrifices, but the Lord will bless us beyond all understanding if we store up are treasures in heaven! I love you guys all so much. I hope you all can recognize the incredible love our Heavenly Father has for each one of us as well. Have a great week!

Elder Layton

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Expecting Miracles

Hey guys, I hope you have all had a fantastic week. Well changes all went well, and Elder Limachi went off excited for Montevideo. A couple people from my group, Elder Passey and Elder Houston came here to Colonia, although we got a lot smaller- just 12 of us in the zone. 

Elder Layton's Rosario Home
I spent a couple days in Colonia with the zone leaders since my companion left on Monday and Elder Vergara came on Wednesday. It was awesome. We had a couple of lessons on Tuesday- one with someone named [...] who was pregnant and due the next day (already passed) and the other with someone named [...] who is also pregnant and due in a week. Haha, funny coincidence. Both lessons were honestly super great though :)

My new companion, Elder Vergara from Colombia is pretty cool. He played on the selection team for fútbol in Colombia and also knows how to dance Salsa. Haha pretty sweet. He also loves to cook and so hopefully I can learn a thing or two from him this change, as we cook every day :).

We visited a couple of less actives on Saturday who after the lessons gave us three references! They also made it to church on Sunday, which was super great. Now, we are hoping that they will get married :) 

Anyways, I am very excited for this change, and we are expecting miracles!!! I love you guys. Talk to you next week!

Elder Layton

Monday, June 12, 2017

Welcome to Elder Vergara

Hey guys!

Well first off, we received changes last night. And sadly, Elder Limachi is going to be heading out. But it`s pretty cool because he is going to be the new secretary in Montevideo :) Right now I am with the Elders of Juan Lacaze and I will get my new companion, Elder Vergara on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure there are actually three Elder Vergaras in this mission, but I believe my companion is from Colombia. I think he has 8 months or so on the mission. 

We went to Montevideo on Wednesday for the final step in the cedula process. So I finally got it, and now I won't have to worry about any legal problems like I had in Argentina haha. There was actually a funny experience that we witnessed while we were waiting outside to take out our cedulas. There was some slim parking spot on the side of the road and one of the Oweste zone leaders said to us `Yeeeah they like to play push here... ` which btw I never saw in Flores. But after he said so, this car literally started pushing other two cars back and forth with his for like five minutes until he finally fit into the slot on the side of the road haha. It reminded me of that famous scene in `Despicable Me` when Gru makes a little room :)

But idk its pretty tranquilo here. There are almost all paved roads here in Colonia. We don't get food here from members so we eat- what we want haha. But yeah Elder Limachi knew a little about cooking and so I usually followed his lead. We usually eat eggs and oatmeal for breakfast and dinner and for lunch it depends, but usually something with meat and often times rice to go with. We also buy a lot of fruit in little tiendas in the street. it is super cold here right now. also, basically all of Colonia is super safe.

Let Grandma and Grandpa know that i am very grateful! They are always so supportive and am am grateful to have such a loving family. also thanks for the flash drive dad :) I've been going through it little by little. I love the song `Strength beyond my own`. Super pretty. 

Anyways, it's been a little tough to follow up with a few of our investigators this week, but we did swing by [...] a couple of times and he is making really good progress on his BOM reading. He is in Alma, which is pretty awesome for an investigator! 

Pressing Forward

Hey everyone!

Pretty crazy that we are already on our last week of this change. The mission at this point seems to by flying by. 

On Tuesday, we had another lesson with our new investigator from last week and it was really awesome. We had left her to read Moroni 10:3-5 in our first visit but when we came back on Tuesday, she had read the whole chapter! So that was really great. She told us that she would like to start reading it from the beginning, and so we left her with 1 Nephi 1 to start. Anyways, we just got a call from her saying she is in the Montevideo hospital due to all the pain she has been having from her back injury that I mentioned last week. So I would ask that you could all keep her in her prayers!

I went on divisions with Elder Barón on Friday over in Juan Lacaze. That night they had a ping pong activity in the church, and a good number of people came, it was fun. When I got back to Rosario, Elder Limachi totally pulled my leg and told me they lost like 3 of our most interested investigators during divisions. I didn't believe him for a while but then I started to accept what I believed was the sad reality haha. 

Well luckily he was joking. They weren't able to get the planned lesson with Wilson and Diego, but they got in contact with the Diego´s mom, Nancy, who wasn't there during the first lesson, and set up a lesson for the following day, when I got back. We went over and when we taught her the restoration, it was so awesome! I really felt the spirit as strong as I did with Diego and Wilson. She seems really interested as well, and we are looking forward to continuing with this great family! The only challenge is that the three of them all have very different schedules and so we may have to teach them separately. But anyways, I am so grateful the Lord led us to find them, I think they are going to progress :)

On Sunday night (man that has sure been our lucky night this whole change!) we went to the bottom of our area to contact where there are tons of apartment buildings. We ended up contacting a man named [...], who is a 27 year old firefighter with a few little kids. He invited us in and told us he was never raised with religion, so doesn´t really know anything about it, although he believes in God. We taught him the message of the restoration as well, and he seemed to understand very clearly. And even though his little kids were being kind of disruptive as they played, the spirit was definitely there. After we taught him our message, he started asking us all sorts of questions regarding the Plan of Salvation. He wanted to know what happens to us after we die because he said he didn't have any idea. We left him a Plan of Salvation folleto and told him we could teach him more about it the next time we came over. He told us we are welcome whenever, and is a really awesome new investigator!

I am so grateful to be serving the Lord here in Uruguay. I know that the message of the Gospel we all have to share really does bring us peace and happiness not only for this life but for all eternity. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who strengthens me and helps me become better each day. I can always feel his love that he generously gives us. I love all of you guys back at home! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Layton

Monday, May 29, 2017

The "Super Awesome New Investigators"

Hey everyone! It has been a great week, and we haven't had quite as many lessons fall through this week than last haha. And we have been blessed with some super awesome new investigators!

First off, we found someone named [...] on Friday morning, and she was super receptive. She is a nurse, but just a couple of months ago had an accident where she tried helping an 80 kilo patient who needed to get out of a truck. Well apparently her spine totally gave out in doing so, and so she is just recently starting to walk again, but still has difficulty. But anyways, she invited us in her house and we had a wonderful lesson of the Restoration. She is Catholic, but stopped going because she had a lot of doubts about the church. Anyways, she understood our message well, and said we could come by anytime as she can´t work right now and has a free schedule. She has two little kids as well.

Also last night, we found the most golden investigators, a small family. We taught the message of the Restoration to [...], and his 17 year old son, [...]. [...] is married as well, but his wife wasn't there. But anyway, we had the best lesson with them! The just moved to Rosario from the country and were very happy to meet with us. 

They have never talked with missionaries before but they both were very attentive and both agreed that the message we share really makes sense. They made great comments, and overall, the spirit was very strong!! They told us to come back this week, and I am so excited to work more with them!

 We had a ping pong activity on Saturday with a few youth that we are trying to teach. We also had a couple lessons with our investigators [...], [...], and [...] this week. I feel that Heavenly Father has blessed us a lot recently with more people to teach.

Church was good this week. [...] wasn't able to come since he has been on vacation for the past week, but we'll get him next week :). Elder Limachi gave a talk in sacrament meeting, and I taught the class during 3rd hour, which was Priesthood and Relief society combined. I talked about the Book of Mormon and the talk that our wonderful prophet gave to us during the last general conference. 

I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon in my life. I have a testimony that it is true, and helps us come closer to our Savior Jesus Christ; and don't forget- all of you- to read it TODOS LOS DIAS like our prophet challenged us! I love you guys. I hope all is well back at home. 

Elder Layton 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fasting For Miracles

Wow what a week. It sure was amazing talking to my family! Also, on Tuesday we had a really amazing zone conference with President, where I learned a whole lot and really felt the spirit.

President talked a lot about the challenges that there are in Colonia but how we should expect miracles. Let's just say that after Tuesday, this has been the longest week ever. Up until Sunday, we had only had one lesson as literally everything fell through. Elder Limachi and I kinda got stuck to contacting for like 8 hours every day this whole week, and we were not getting into houses.

Anyway, on Saturday we did what President had challenged us to do and had a companionship fast to find a family. Saturday was a lot more walking and the first three hours Sunday afternoon, everything fell through again. But then we clapped a house- some guy swung the door open and basically shouted at us to come in haha. We were laughing after the lesson because of the promise ´my sheep hear my voice´ because I had said ´Hola´ and he yelled ´DÁLE´. At first we thought he wanted us to get lost, but then we realized he was waving us in. We had a lesson with [...] and his wife, [...], who are a really interesting couple. Apparently they talked with missionaries a long time ago, but were excited to see us and were so fascinated that I was from the states haha.

Directly after that, we decided to go to another old contact named [...]. We got there and he too invited us in. We sat down in his living room, and a minute later, his wife [...] as well as their granddaughter and her husband all came in to meet us. They were all so awesome!! We had a great lesson of the restoration and they said we could come back another day! 

I feel like my testimony of fasting has really been strengthened from this experience. It has sure been a long week, but I now we are strengthened through trials. I am grateful our Heavenly Father loves us so much to challenge us.

We have a big mold problem in our house. we spent all of last p day cleaning part of the house, but didnt get to the room we sleep in. apparently because it is so humid a ton of mold has been growing around our dressers. so the other day i discovered my older suit and some of my ties covered in mold. most of the ties smelled a little like mold but i left them outside to air out and now i think they are ok. but my suit and a couple ties i am probably going to go get dry cleaned... Yuck :P 

Well, I don't have a ton of time as we had a long travel today for our district meeting, but I want all of you to know that I know this church is true and I am so grateful to have an inspired prophet of God on the earth today who I know is called of God. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support while I am serving. The mission is amazing, and really worth every sacrifice!!

Elder Layton

Monday, May 15, 2017

Pioneers in Colonia

Hey everyone! And happy Mother's Day!!

Working the Streets of Rosario, Colonia, Uruguay
Elder Limachi and I have been having a lot of fun here in Colonia. I don't think I mentioned too much about my companion in my last letter, but he is from Bolivia, and we are from the same group in the CCM. He is really funny and we always joke around with each other and so even on the hard days when everything falls through, I never really feel discouraged or anything, because it´s just been fun. He is a great missionary and I think we are both learning things from each other.

Anyway, we found a new investigator named [...] this week. She is really receptive, and the restoration lesson went well. We came back for a second visit and she had read a few chapters already in the Book of Mormon! Pretty awesome. We are also working with a 13 year old kid named [...]. We played soccer with him and a few of his friends on Saturday, and he came over to tell us that he read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and was interested to keep learning from us and reading. He also came with us to church on Sunday, so that was really awesome! [...] came again as well :) 

Elder Limachi and I gave talks in sacrament meeting for Mother's Day. We had a special music number prepared too- we were going to sing love is spoken here. But our branch president forgot to announce it haha.

Service Project
We had a funny experience contacting this week. We clapped (knocked on) a door and a Jehovah Witness lady opens up and shouts at us, ´DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE PER SECOND?!?´ We were just like ´uhhhhh no se´ (uh, we don't know) and then she shot her hand out at us and said ´DOS´ and just kind of stood there like that. 

I also have discovered something very funny about my companion- he talks in his sleep. Last Monday, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard him saying something. I was confused because at first I thought he was reciting scriptures, but then I heard something like, ´...porque se que su Padre Celestial le entiende y quiere lo mejor... (I know that your Heavenly Father understands you and wants the best for you)´ After a minute or so he stopped and I said, ´Elder Limachi?... Elder Limachi?´ Then he woke up and asked me what in the world I was talking about haha. My great companion has such a powerful testimony he practices it in his sleep. Now we always say ´Nunca deja de testificar!! (Never stop testifying)´ Haha, now I always catch him bearing his testimony in the middle of the night :) Such a stud.

Elder Limachi
I am so excited to talk to my family tonight!! Wooooh! Love you guys all, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Layton

(Note from dad: Our phone call allowed us to learn quite a bit more about his area, companion and the work in this area. The area has been closed for two months and Elders Limachi and Layton are just trying to re-establish it. There are only a small handful of members in the area and so the missionaries are probably going to speaking in church - a lot. They DO have a member who was called to be the Branch President, but beyond that, not much structure exists. 

We were also able to find out where he lives and of course, I ended up stalking his house out on Google Earth. It's a very modest place but it's clean and they have hot water -- so he's in great shape there.

He forcefully told us how much he loves the mission and particularly the Book of Mormon. He bore testimony of it. He said the only thing he doesn't like about his mission is the limited time he gets to study the scriptures.)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Where Two or Eight Are Gathered Together in My Name

Hey guys!!! Wow, it seems like a lot has happened this week. It has actually been a big change from Argentina back here to Uruguay for me. But anyways, before I left Colon, Federico Godoy made us a BOMB asado. It was definitely a good way to go haha. I also bought a maté cup from Marcos Cacosso, which is super cool- I´ll send a picture. It was sad saying bye to everyone. Colón definitely has been good to me :)

Dinner with the Godoy Family
The Hasta Luego Dinner
A Bomb Asado


The Mate Cup

I left early wednesday morning and had to wait in the Paysandu terminal all day with some other missionaries, as a ton of people were making changes. I took a bus late in the afternoon, and got to Colonia at around 1 in the morning. Elder Limachi, my new companion was waiting for me with the zone leaders at some side stop. I got off, and we split off as I had a ticket to our area in Rosario for 3:30. We took a local bus over to the terminal, but when we got off, it was closed. Even though I had a ticket, some night watch said it didnt open up until the morning. To make things better, we didnt have a phone to call the zone leaders, because apparently Elder Limachi´s last companion lost it. So yeah, we had a long night until we finally found our way back to the zone leaders house to sleep a couple of hours haha.

Elders Layton & Limachi Stranded at 1:00 AM
 I met the entire branch on Thursday- the whole 8 of them! Haha. Yeah it is crazy small. Elder Limachi just opened up this area after it has been closed for over 2 years! So we definitely have a lot to do :) the few members that we have are pretty cool. One is named hermano Bonilla, and it is crazy because he has been a branch president here 7 different times! I also met a small family called familia Santucho. Hermano Santucho is an insane artist. I will have to send pictures another time of the giant sculptures he makes. Super cool!

On Saturday, we went to another area that we are in charge of as well called Florencia Sanchez. And man, do I feel humbled. Lets just say I now feel grateful we had 10 of us at church on sunday here in Rosario. Apparently Florencia Sanchez only has like 3-4 actives members and they are a group. We spent the whole day there with a returned missionary called Juan. He is really incredible. He was so grateful to have us for the day and had a whole list of people he was dying to visit. We had a lot of lessons with less actives. Juan has been one of the only active members there for a long time now and never once did I see him complain that he talks every week at church or anything. Spending the day with him made me a lot more grateful for what I have. We also got another big asado for lunch :D

We did have one investigator at church, someone named [...]! He is 80 years old and reminds me so much of Max Williams back at home. Haha super funny awesome. Like I said, there were 10 of us there, so every person bore their testimony haha. It´s been fun, and I am really looking forward for all the opportunities to learn this change. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First the Baptism, Then Back to Uruguay

I have had a wonderful 3 changes here in Argentina, and have learned so much in Colon!!! I will be headed back to Uruguay, to a zone called Colonia. The city is called Rosario, and honestly I don't know much about it, because although hna Ortiz, Elder Bowler, and the zone leaders have all served in Colonia, apparently Rosario wasn't opened up when they were there. I have heard that Colonia is really beautiful though! My companion is going to be Elder Limachi, who is actually from my group haha. I think he is from Bolivia or something, but I haven't really seen him much on the mission, so don't know him too much yet :) I am really excited though.

I went to Monetvideo this week to do another part in the cedula process, but I still didnt get it so I should go back in a few weeks. The good news though is Colonia is just a couple of hours from Montevideo. It was a long trip on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I didnt get to much sleep as we had to travel all night. I did get to spend half a day in a place called Paysandu though and went on divisions with Elder Espinosa from my group. It was super fun. I also saw almost my whole group in Montevideo as they were all there for their cedulas. It was great to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to! The bus on the way back to Argentina broke down for a while so we had to wait until another passing bus could pick us up haha. 

The Colon "Baptismal Font"
The process this week in preparing for the baptism had its fair share of complications but we got it through! The baptismal pool.actually started leaking all around but we got it patched up. That was a little sketchy because the new church we have has dry wall, and apparently the water would completely destroy that if the pook broke. But, even though the plastic connector parts started coming undone as the pool filled up, we made arrangements :). We also had issues with filling the thing because our source of water didnt work. We actually worked on it all day Friday, and thank you all for your prayers because after a couple of hours, the water started working a little bit. It took ALL day, but we were able to fill it. It was also a process as we had to use buckets as the hose was broken haha. BUT the important thing is in the end it all worked out and Zoe was baptized!!! Wooooooooh! It was such a great experience, and the branch was so supportive!

Zoe's Baptism

Ward Support at the Baptism

We played soccer with a lot of youth again this week and [...], our investigator came. He is pretty good! He is also making a ton of progress. He has been keeping commitments, and reading the Book or Mormon. The other day when we went, he had read way more than we left him with, and said it was starting to make more sense. I love seeing people starting to develop their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It really makes any sacrifice here on the mission so worth it!

I will miss this area so much. The members have been really awesome, as well as all of the other people I have met. I am so grateful to have had a baptism my last week here :) I leave for Colonia early tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Elder Layton

Monday, April 24, 2017

So Excited For This Baptism!

Well first off, the zone leaders came this week for an interview with [...] and she passed!! So she will be baptized this week on Saturday! So excited!! We feel really blessed to be able to finish this change with a baptism, and please pray that everything can go well. We don't have a baptismal font so we're going to have to use a little set up pool haha. We are really excited too because this will be the first baptism our area has had in a year! 

The Gringo gets the record. But holding his own in soccer is another matter.

This week we found an old investigator named [...]. She is super awesome and enthusiastic when we come by. She is a single mom with 6 kids, and works a ton every day, so I am sure that it really hard. We have introduced her to a couple members of the relief society and they are already giving her some visits! She was married to a return missionary a couple years ago but now lives alone with her kids. She has been reading the Book of Mormon too in what little time she has! The hardest thing for now will be getting her to the church as she works all day Sunday. But we have faith that the Lord can prepare a way for those who desire to keep the commandments!

Colon Missionaries

Elder Opazo had to get an ingrown toenail removed this week (ouch!!) and so he stayed with Marcos Cacosso, while I left for a couple hours with a youth named Pinu. It was fun and he also wants to go on a mission. We were able to have a good lesson with [...] and make a couple of contacts. And speaking of [...], Elder Opazo and I had a really great lesson with him and his partner, [...] the other day. She had a few doubts about the Book of Mormon, and then [...], who has been searching his own testimony turned to her and started telling her he knew it was true! He told her that there was no way Joseph Smith could have known about some of the prophecies made in Helaman 8 that he read, and how ´the book wasn't written yesterday or something´ haha. Super sweet! Now, just if we can get them to church!

We have had to spend a lot of time looking for houses this week, and finally we found a brand new apartment at a really great price! The apartment building is going to be finishing up in a couple of days and if we move there we would be the only ones in the whole building haha. We have like no options though haha, but it is really nice. Now we are just waiting on the financers to get some arrangements made. 

We had a ward mission leader called this week, someone named Freddy, which has been really awesome! He is getting really involved and is a return missionary, so that has been good.

This week, we were contacting and found the grandma of someone who was just murdered this week in another city! :( We have seen the posters all over the city and the news and stuff. as it is a huge deal here, so it was pretty crazy to find a relative. We testified to her about the Plan of Salvation and she said it was really hard on her, but we could pass by another day if we wanted. Pretty crazy experience.

P Day today has been super awesome. We found this rec room place in a mall and got permission from the zone leaders to go play! It was really fun and they had air hockey and basketball games and stuff like that. Oh yeah... and I totally got the record on the basketball game haha. 

Afterwards, Elder Opazo and I went and played soccer with a bunch of jovenes in the branch. It was fun. I was totally blowing it against all of these little latinos, but I as least made a header goal haha. So that was fun. 

Colon is really awesome. We have changes in a week, and I am honestly really hoping I can stay another change here, but we will see. Also, tomorrow I have to go to Montevideo for my cedula, or residency, which will ensure I won't have any more illegal problems haha. I love you all! Thanks for all the great letters and support.

Elder Layton

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Friends in Colon


Man, I am super pumped right now as I just heard I have a nephew on the way!! Congratulations Briana!! 

We have been searching a lot for house this week, and it has been tough. Colon is really touristy, and so most options are for a week or so. A couple that we have found are really nice but aren’t really missionary houses- They have like one big king size bed haha. Asi que vamos a seguir buscando.

Elder Layton and a Friend

We have had a lot of service opportunities this week as well. One really awesome one was on Saturday where we helped the Godoy family take out the roof on their house and make some changes and additions. It was really fun and it took most of the day. 

[...] is making awesome progress! Her baptism is scheduled for April 29th and she is on track as she came to church again with her family!! [...] also came to church again with the hermanas, and she is on track for the 29th as well!

We finally found [...] this week, after so much time! She has been in Concepcion for a while, but she said she is going to be staying here for a few days each week, so we want to keep going with her. She said she has still been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, which was really good to hear after not having contact for about a month.

Elder Layton With Another Friend
Elder Opazo and I were planning a talent show for the branch this past week for Saturday but it ended up getting canceled, so we will see if we can reschedule it. The members have been getting really excited though. We are going to sing a couple songs with Marcos Cacosso- Venid Adoremos and Somewhere over the Rainbow haha. Its coming along good. I also got a cool video of a talent Elder Opazo has- he likes spinning things on his finger :)

That's about it for this week. Thanks for all of your emails! I hope you all had a great Easter. We got big chocolate eggs from Zoe and Cande haha. Super awesome. Ill send pictures. Love you all!

Elder Layton

Monday, April 10, 2017

Illegal Resident Status in Argentina & Uruguay

Hey everyone!

Crazy week. Yeah let me just start off by explaining a little about what I have been up to. This week we had our zone conference with President Olsen, but instead of him coming here this time, we had a tri-zone conference in Paysandu. So on Thursday, we went to go buy bus tickets to travel at 1:00 in the night, as that was the only bus that crossed to Uruguay that day. But when I tried buying mine, the guy looked at my passport and wouldn't sell me the ticket because apparently I was only allowed in Argentina for 90 days, and it expired, meaning I was illegal for a week. 
Most missionaries usually have their cedula who come to Argentina, which basically means our official residency here in Uruguay/ Argentina, but I haven't been sent to Montevideo to get mine yet. So yeah, we ended up having to call back and forth with the zone leaders for like the whole day, to try and figure out what to do, and how to get me to Paysandu for the conference the next day. 
After HOURS of calling around and talking with members and everything, President finally called us and said to go right then to the border and try to cross anyways. He was in Paysandu already and said he could come pick me up and figure it all out. So familia Cacosso drove us up to the border and dropped us off, as they couldn't cross. We wanted to wait for President to cross over to Argentina and then help us, but the guards started filing us over to cross as they said we weren't allowed to wait there. And of course, as I expected the guy pointed out my 90-day limit had expired and I wouldn't be able to cross. Luckily just at that moment, President walks across the border from the other side, pulls out his wallet and says, `Alright, how much is it?` Haha, after he worked some other wise words, and I finally got through :). 
That night we got to the zone leader's house super late, but we had at least made it. The conference on Friday was really awesome and I saw a lot of people from my CCM group. Our bus back to Argentina was supposed to leave at 4 in the afternoon, but the time was kind of getting cut close because there were so many interviews. 
After all the zone of Argentina was interviewed we had to book it to catch our bus since again, the next one didn't leave until the following day. So ALL of us piled into President´s truck since we had about 5 minutes until our bus left and it was 20 minutes away to walk there. The two assistants in front, four hermanas in the back seats and the eight of us Elders crammed in the back... Not comfortable; especially because the AP Elder Layton was driving like a total maniac to get us there haha. We made the bus in the end, but that wasn't the end... President was supposed to do something online to get me another 90 days until I can get my cedula, but apparently, he had problems doing so, so when I got to the border again, they wouldn't let me cross. Some other people in the zone had problems as well but in the end they were able to all get back on the bus, and we were stuck. The zone leaders called President again and he said he would be there in 30 minutes to pick Elder Opazo and I up again so we needed to wait there. And oh course as the bus left, the border people started shoving us in a taxi to take us back to the terminal in Paysandu saying, we couldn't wait there. 
It would have been fine but we didn't have any more money on the phone so couldn't call President to let him know we wouldn't be at the border. Luckily on the way back, we asked the taxi driver if he could take us somewhere us and he ended up saying yes. He took us to the church, and we got with President Olsen. So yeah, for the second time he had to bring us over. This time there were a lot more complications and we ended up waiting hours at the border, but in the end I got through again :). 
It was actually kind of a fun day though. We were with the assistants all day too. President bought us all dinner, and finally we made it to Colon. Haha, looks like I will be heading to Montevideo this change to get my residency.
We also just got word that our house owner wants the apartment next month and so we have to find a place to move. It´s been an interesting week haha.
We had a super awesome day at church yesterday. There were 72 people there, which is apparently the most Colon has ever had! Woooooo! Record! It is crazy considering we usually have had around 40-45 since I have been here. A couple of investigators came and a bunch of less-actives. Also, [...] came the 13-year-old girl we were teaching before and passed to the hermanas when they came. Apparently, she has a baptismal date for April 29th, and is progressing a lot! Super awesome.
We have also been working a lot with [...]. She is probably the smartest little 9-year old I have ever met! She went to church on Sunday, and when we had a lesson with her last night she learned so much. She basically taught us the Gospel of Jesus Christ haha. Super awesome. We are hoping she will get baptized this change! We have also been teaching English to she and [...]Candi, which they really enjoy haha. Our investigator [...] is doing really great as well and is reading the Book of Mormon a ton.
That is about it for this week. I love it here on my mission. I know this Gospel is true and am so grateful for the Book of Mormon in my life. I hope each of you are reading it TODOS LOS DIAS as our wonderful prophet challenged us to do! Love you all :)

Elder Layton

Monday, April 3, 2017

We Are Finding Gold

Opazo & Layton
Wow, every week seems to get better and better now here in Colon! Elder Opazo is a real stud and we are like brothers. It has been a lot of fun.

First off, last Monday, when we finished writing, and were heading to the house, someone stopped us the street. Her name is [...] and she said she moved here from Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago, but didnt know where the church was. So we got talking to her and is turns out she was a less active member, and had started going to church again just before she left Buenos Aires. Also she has two daughters, 7, and 9 named [...] and [...]. [...], the 9 year old isn't baptized and wanted to be baptized here since they had just came back to the church! So we have started teaching her, and she should hopefully get baptized this change!

[...] and [...], our new investigators from last week are doing soooooo awesome! We went on Saturday, and taught the restoration to [...], but [...] wasn't there, so we came back the next day and taught it again, this time to the both of them. And I don't have any doubt they are going to progress. They are super interested and a lot of really great questions. In fact, on Saturday, the lesson just with [...], he asked us if he needed to baptize his kids, who are all younger than 5. He said some friends had given him a rough time that he hadn't baptized them yet, but he said he felt it needed to be their decision, when they could really choose. And that set up for a perfect discussion about the great apostasy and Moroni 8, and the needed Priesthood authority! It went really great and at the end [...] said he would be baptized if he prayed and felt it was true! On the next day, with the both of them, we had the best lesson ever, and this time talked more about the Book of Mormon. The Spirit was so strong, and they were having light bulbs going off in their heads. And I have never seen someone so eager and excited as Luciana to read the Book of Mormon! Anyways, in the next lesson, we are planning to give them a baptismal date to work towards. The main task with [...], is I am pretty sure he is going to work on a ship at the end of this month. He apparently works on sea for 6 months and then stays at home for 6 months, but we are going to start meeting with them a lot more. They are seriously golden.

We found another totally golden investigator on Friday named [...]. A couple of her kids were contacts that Elder Raimundo and I had made and we found them this week. They let us in and the mom, [...] decided to listen to us too. She has listened to quite a few different religions, and has heard a lot about ´the mormons´ from her neighbors, but didnt really know too much. In fact she was pleasantly surprised when she learned we believe in Christ. Haha, I kinda wonder what things go around the communities about us :) Anyways, she really understood the message of the restoration, and had a lot of questions concerning our beliefs, but she too was super attentive and interested. After she gave the closing prayer, she asked us, ´Sooooo, when can you guys come back?´ Haha, so awesome!! Man, I just feel like the Lord is really blessing us with people who he has prepared to hear this message!

Something else funny that has happened this week, is about an older lady named [...], who we taught a couple of times before, but she isn't too interested in our message. But anyways, we have run into her a few times this week, and she always has something to give us haha. One time was a pie she had just bought as she was walking out of a bakery, another time a couple bags of these super good chips, and the last time as we were passing by her house, she stopped us and gave us each a super nice cologne hahaha. Totally awesome!

We had a fun service project with familia Cacosso this week. I had no idea they were so wild, but in their backyard they had a ton of pumpkin plants. And these things were crazy! They were growing everywhere, and some of them even made it all the way to the top of their roof and were all tangled up in the gutters. So we got to remove them all :) It was actually really cool, and a fun service project.

Conference was amazing! Man, seriously the best time of year. I had a couple that really stuck out to me in the Priesthood session, but I also really enjoyed Elder Renlund´s talk about the difference between the sinner and the sin, and how we can develop more love for others. Man, I learned a ton in these past two days, and I could go off, but we've got to go haha. Anyways, I have a testimony these people are truly called of God! I love this work and it is so great to be a missionary!!

Elder Layton

P.S. Thanks to sister Gainey and the beehives for the great package! :) Loved it haha

Monday, March 27, 2017

Can You Pronounce Gualeguaychu?

Hey everyone, it has been a fantastic week. Elder Opazo came on wednesday, and I am excited for what lies ahead this change! It has been a fun few days with him.

Anyways my last day with Elder Raimundo was on Tuesday. Our lunch was cancelled, and so we decided to go out to eat. As we were ordering, some guy behind us asked in english ´Where are you guys from?´  So I got talking to him in english, and let me just say... It was soooo weird to contact in english and talk about church stuff and our beliefs. I can always talk to other gringos in our zone normally and it isn't weird but idk why, maybe I am just more adapted to teaching in spanish. Anyways, his name was [...] and he said he learned english because he lived in New Jersey and Florida for seven years. He was actually a super interesting guy to talk to and said he has talked with the missionaries before. He lives in Gualeguaychu, but gave us his number for the other missionaries there to pass by. Super cool!

I said bye to Elder Raimundo on Tuesday and he left for Artigas, which is the highest baptizing zone in the mission by far, so i think he is going to have fun :) I stayed here in Colon with Elder Castro for a day, and on Wednesday, Elder Opazo came. Like I said last week, he is from Chile, and speaks spanish, portuguese, and is pretty good at english too. I am his first gringo companion, so I have been helping him. He isn't quite fluent but doesn't really have much of an accent because he was born in the states, and lived there in Nevada until he was 5 years old and moved to Chile. He has a little over 10 months in the mission and it is pretty crazy because this is his third area and- his 3rd country he has served! This mission is the only one in the world that has a part of three countries and he has served in each one, which is really rare. He started his mission in Brazil, then went to Montevideo, and now here. Pretty cool. 

That made me laugh so much when you said you heard Chileans don't like people from Argentina, because they always get whooped (in soccer). You know why? Because the first day that Elder Opazo was here, Argentina played Chile and won. Elder Opazo was like NOOOOOOOO NOT AGAIN!!!!! Hahahahahaha. But yeah it has been such a great few days and this will be an awesome change. 

The two new sisters missionaries here in Colon are really cool too. Hermana Rios from Paraguay, and hermana Ortiz, who opposite of Elder Opazo was born and lived in Mexico until she was 8 and then moved to the states. The first day that the three of them all came was kind of crazy, because the sisters are opening an area in the other half of Colon, and so didnt know anything. And they didnt even have a phone, so it wasn't really like they could call us if they needed to know how to get somewhere or needed to know something. So we just gave them ours for a couple days if they needed to call a member or something, but now its all good, they got one.

It was such an awesome weekend. On Saturday, Elder Opazo and I had a few really great lessons. One contact that we went to wasn't there, so we started contacting down the street and the second house we clapped (yeah, we clap houses here in South America instead of knocking haha) turned out to be a really nice and acceptive couple named [...] and [...]. We shared with them the Plan of Salvation because they expressed to us how important the family is to them. They have five kids, all younger, but I am really excited because we found a family! They enjoyed the message, and said we can come back this Friday!

Sunday was great as well. We had about 15-20 more people come than normal in our branch and we up to over 60! Quite a few less actives were able to make it as well as Dora (we call her Dora la exploradora), the older lady who had a baptismal date a few times before, but couldn't really make it to church because she has had problems walking for the last few months. Anyways, super awesome!!

Today for P-Day, we went to Concepcion for our zone conference and after had a zone activity, which was super fun. Elder Castro and Elder Bowler made tons of pizza for everyone which was super good, and we played lots of sports and games. I love this zone, it is a really awesome one :)

All things are good here. I am so excited for this change with Elder Opazo and there are good things to come here in Colon!

Elder Layton

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Radiant Missionaries

Hey everyone!

Well we received our changes today and I get to stay here in Argentina!! I am really excited, as I love it here and the people are great. My new companion will be Elder Opazo from Chili, and he supposedly has a year on the mission. I have heard that he is really funny and also that he speaks english, spanish, and portuguese. Pretty cool! 

Elder Raimundo is going to be a district leader in a zone called Artigas. I´ll miss him. He has taught me a lot about being a missionary and also about the language. To be honest, I was still pretty terrible at spanish when I left Las Acacias at 5 months (it´s a little tough when you live with 4 gringos haha) but I feel a lot more comfortable now that I have had a latino companion for two changes. Elder Raimundo has taught me a lot but I am also excited because I guess Elder Opazo speaks english pretty well and should be able to help me with more advanced spanish. 

The other thing is that sister missionaries are going to be opening up an area in the other half of Colon and San Jose. So that will be a huge help, as our area was pretty big! Also, we won't have to travel to Concepcion each week for district meetings, because we have a district of 4 here in Colon. Oh yeah, and something else cool is that Elder Good is going to be the new financier for the next change!

This week has been super great after Tuesday and Wednesday which poured non stop. I did have a funny experience though on Wednesday. Since it was rainy, we had been walking in super muddy streets. When we got to a part of our area that had normal road, I wanted to wash off my boots since they were so muddy and we had a contact nearby we were going to visit. I saw a puddle on the side of the road so I stuck my foot in to clean it off. Although it appeared very shallow, it was not... Lets just say my whole leg fell in, and I am just glad I was able to prevent my whole body from falling it because it kind of caught me off balance haha. 

Anyways, we have been having a lot of progress here, apart from a couple of down days. [...] accepted a baptismal date for April 29th, and I really think we will be able to make that happen, because she is a total capa (stud). It is pretty funny because she just turned 13 this week, and is about twice the size of Elder Raimundo. I always give Elder Raimundo a hard time :) Her parents aren't too interested, but they are really supportive and that she wants to listen to us. Her aunt [...] is still out of town, so we haven't been able to find her for a while.

We also followed up with [...], our new investigator from last week. We didn't have a whole lot of time, but taught part of the Plan of Salvation and it was awesome! She said she has been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon too. We are going to have to pass here over to the sister missionaries that are coming because she is in their area, but I am excited to see the progress she makes anyways!

A kind of cool experience that happened this week was with a contact we made named [...]. He was sitting on a street corner with some of his friends. As were were contacting them, he asked us if we had some special light because we were apparently ´iluminados´ or glowing. He said he felt that something was different about us and then gave us his direction to come by one day! So we are going to pass by this week, and I am pretty excited because he seemed really interested. It feels so good when people desire to learn more about the gospel. We have been finding a lot of new investigators this week and I am really excited for this next change with Elder Opazo! 

Sorry that makes kind of a long letter for this week, but there are good things to come here in Colon!! Love you guys all and miss you!

Elder Layton

Monday, March 13, 2017

Feeling the Savior's Love

Elders Layton & Layton (the OTHER Elder Layton is an Asst to the President)
Hey everyone!
It is good to hear Bend is warming up. Here it is finally getting tolerable, and it has actually been a little chilly a couple nights. Elder Raimundo was here during last winter and said Argentina out of all the zones gets the coldest as well. Haha we will see.
The mission is going by way too fast now. I know I said that last week, but this week was a blink as well. We have actually kept pretty busy. 
Elder Raimundo did actually get pretty sick to start the week so we had to spend half of Tuesday in the house. He was convinced it was the homemade empanadas that a family gave us that day for lunch, although luckily it didnt affect me in the slightest haha. They were actually some bomb empanadas. 
We had a bit of time in the house that day, so I started making 3 by 5 flashcards of all the seminary scripture masteries, because I want to re-learn them all. I will have to admit, in seminary I usually read the scripture a few times and crammed it in my brain, quoted it to check it off the list and then forgot it. And so advice to all the youth in Mt Bachelor- take scripture masteries more seriously, they will come to help a lot on the mission :).
We went way out in the middle of nowhere on Friday to visit a less active member, the husband of an active lady. And as we were walking, we looked over and could see all of Colon, as we were on higher ground. It was really beautiful and is really green kind of like Oregon. Anyways, we went over to this older couple's house and WOW- Their house was absolutely enormous. It was basically a mansion and even had tons of statues and things like that. Haha, I had no idea. Elder Raimundo told me it was huge because he had gone once before, but only when I got there, I really saw what he was talking about.
This week has been starting to calm down a little bit with the weather and it hasn't been so unbearably hot, so that has been really nice! We have done a lot of contacting. Just yesterday, we got an awesome new investigator named [...]! We had contacted her earlier this week, and as we were leaving, she said `Good, I need to change from my religion anyways` hahaha. She was kind of joking, but when we came back she was really awesome. We taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, and she took it really well. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and even if she felt it was true she would be baptized by someone with the authority to do so! So I am really excited to follow up with her!
Honestly, I recognize that I need the divine help of the Savior so very much because I have many weaknesses. According to Helaman 4:13, I know if I am prideful and glory in my own strength, I will be left in my own strength. I know this is the true Gospel and on my mission I can't literally say I hunger for more wisdom and knowledge that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
That is about it for now. Colon is super awesome and I really love being here on my mission. I feel blessed the Lord has entrusted me with the opportunity to spread his gospel. This truly is a `great and marvelous work` and I am so very grateful for the love from the Savior I feel as I serve and learn more about Him. We are ever blessed to have the Gospel. I treasure it every day. Love you guys! I hope you all have a great week. And to my family- I hope you have fun in Mexico, but I`m sorry it's not as cool as Argentina :)
Elder Layton