Thursday, July 28, 2016

Progressing Nicely at the Mexico City CCM

Hey friends and family!

Man, the MTC here in Mexico is so incredible! The Spanish here is crazy and I already feel like I am learning so much after just two weeks of being here. 

The temple last week was so amazing and it was extremely beautiful. The whole session was conducted in Spanish but the temple workers gave all of the missionaries English headsets, so that was pretty awesome. 
Mexico City Temple

It was neat to see not only the beautiful temple, but also some of Mexico City to and from the temple. 

Last week I mentioned being put in a trio with Elder Higley joining Elder Hill and I. That same night we were told that we had to move into a house because the apartment complex's only have two beds per room and Elder Higley couldn't sleep in a room by himself. So we had to pack up all of our stuff the next morning and move into house number 1, the VERY furthest house from everything we do. But it's all good now. We are all situated again and just leave our house a few minutes earlier each day.

Their are 4 other sets of elders in our house. Also, we find cockroaches all the time... But we don't even spend that much time in our house except at night so it is ok. 

Elder Layton at the Mexico City Temple
Anyway the people here are sooooo nice! I also love my teachers, Hermana Cabral and Hermana Lozano. They are awesome. 

We have a lot of ¨progressing investigator¨ lessons with our teachers acting as investigators. They are really fun. 

I have Moroni 10:4-5, the missionary purpose, Joseph Smith's First Vision and the baptismal invitation all memorized in Spanish. 

The Christus at the Mexico City Visitor's Center
I just love it here because I feel super productive with my time and and learning so much each day! Something else that happened this week was we met two Seventies! 

One was Elder (Netzahualcoyotl) Salinas ( who was probably the most enthusiastic and motivating speaker I have ever heard) and the other ones name, I won't try to write because I will butcher it. But they were both very uplifting and I learned a ton from them. 

One more thing about the MTC is that is rains like every evening and just floods. There are lots of big thunderstorms. I am just very glad my ties and shoes are waterproof, and plus I have an umbrella. But I am so glad to be here and to learn spanish. It is amazing as a missionary of the Lord, how many more blessings that I recognize each day. 

Love, Elder Layton

P.S. In the CCM, anyone can send mail to me each day through The post office prints the mail each day and puts it in our mailbox, which is 6C, and I collect it for our district every day.

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