Thursday, August 11, 2016

If I Trust in the Lord, I Will Learn

So this week flew by SO fast! I don't even believe that I will be leaving for Uruguay in about a week and a half!! Even though I love the CCM here, I still can't wait to go out into the field. 

Dinner at the Mexico City CCM

So last Saturday, we started TRC which is where we have real volunteers from outside of the CCM come and we give them a 20 minute message! We got two people to teach, first Genaro, and then Mauricio. 

Genero was a little older, but was one of the nicest people I have met and gave us hugs afterwards.

The lesson went super well, and afterwards he told us that he was a member and served a mission somewhere in Mexico. Mauricio was pretty young, maybe a couple years older than we were, but it went really well also. We kind of got to know him before we started our lesson and he said that he played fĂștbol americano, so that was something you probably won't see a lot of in Mexico. But again, he was very nice, and I really enjoyed TRC. 

You're Going HOW FAR?
On Saturday and Sunday, we had a 24 hour fast, but during Sunday morning I felt kind of sick and had stomach cramps all day, probably because we eat so much all of the time here. But it was testimony meeting too during Sunday, and I got up and to my surprise, was able to talk for a couple minutes in Spanish without notes or anything!  Our whole Sabbath was pretty nice, and especially after I got some food in me, I started feeling a lot better. Also, on Sunday night, we got to watch Meet the Mormons!

One other thing that happened on Sunday was that I dropped my watch and it broke, and I tried fixing it, but wasn't able to. So I went to the tienda on Monday to see if they would be able to do anything about it. The main worker said he could send it outside of the CCM and have it to me by the next day. And on Tuesday, when I checked up, he was wearing my watch, all fixed up! I offered to pay, but he insisted and said it was free, so that was awesome. And it totally looked brand new, they even polished it up and everything. The people here are all just so nice! 

Excited to Serve
On Tuesday, we had an incredible devotional from 2011 by Elder Bednar. I learned a lot. He talked a lot about how the natural man turns inwards while Christ only turned out. I would really recommend everyone to go and watch it. I think that it was a devotional given in the MTC on Christmas day. 

Another awesome devotional was just last night. We had a live devotional broadcast by Neil L Anderson. I feel so blessed to be able to listen to the words of so many apostles and seventies here. I know that they truly are men of God. 

Today has been super fun. We played king of the court soccer with district B, and I scored a few goals, including a header! Later today we are planning on playing capture the flag, with the rest of our time.

To Uruguay

I am having so much fun here and am learning a ton. I know that the first few months of my mission in the field may be challenging and frustrating due to the language barrier, but I also know that the gift of tongues is real and if I trust in the Lord, I will learn it, because through Him, all things are possible! I love serving my mission and I am so grateful for what I have ahead. It is crazy to me that I have passed my one month mark!! 

Hasta Luego!

Elder Layton

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