Sunday, August 21, 2016

Excited For Uruguay

I cannot believe that I am nearly headed to Uruguay already!!

We went to the reception on Tuesday to get our itinerary plans. We are leaving the CCM at 4pm on Monday, so we can get to the Mexico airport early, but our flight doesn't leave until 8pm or so. Out connect flight will be all the way down in Santiago, Chile, which will take about 9 hours through the night to get there. We have a layover there and then another flight to Monevideo, Uruguay, which is about 2 and a half hours. Our itinerary says that we wont even arrive until 12:30pm on Tuesday!! So that will be a looooong trip. Nearly 5000 miles with the two flights.

I was made the travel leader for the group going to Uruguay, and got a list of the missionaries going there. There are 7 from our district but actually a total of 12 people, which I did not know! I knew the district leader of 6B, Elder Houston is going there, but apparently there are 4 others I didnt know of. But I am so ecstatic to go into the field, and meet my mission president and trainer.

But anyways, other things that happened this week- We have had a lot of TRC lessons with volunteers, which are super fun. It is really funny because every time we ask the "investigator" who they would like to say the opening prayer, the seem to always pick Elder Hill. He said the opening prayer in 7 TRC lessons in a row, so it was super funny.  Also, some of out lessons were with family members of our teachers, Hermana Cabral and Hermana Lozano, so that was pretty cool.

On Sunday, we watched the Story of John Tanner, which was so amazing. I would really recommend people to watch that.

Our district, along with district 6B have continued to play soccer nearly every day. A lot of 6B played soccer in high school. But yesterday, I scored 5 goals, so it has been really fun. But after my fifth goal, Elder Houston (who has got a big boot) missed the ball and kicked my foot while I was going for it and destroyed my toe haha. So it hurts, but it is just jammed, so its good.

Anyways, I seriously cannot believe that I leave on Monday! I am excited to meet my mission president and trainer, and be fully immersed in the language! Woooo Uruguay, here I come!!!!

Elder Layton :)

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