Monday, April 24, 2017

So Excited For This Baptism!

Well first off, the zone leaders came this week for an interview with [...] and she passed!! So she will be baptized this week on Saturday! So excited!! We feel really blessed to be able to finish this change with a baptism, and please pray that everything can go well. We don't have a baptismal font so we're going to have to use a little set up pool haha. We are really excited too because this will be the first baptism our area has had in a year! 

The Gringo gets the record. But holding his own in soccer is another matter.

This week we found an old investigator named [...]. She is super awesome and enthusiastic when we come by. She is a single mom with 6 kids, and works a ton every day, so I am sure that it really hard. We have introduced her to a couple members of the relief society and they are already giving her some visits! She was married to a return missionary a couple years ago but now lives alone with her kids. She has been reading the Book of Mormon too in what little time she has! The hardest thing for now will be getting her to the church as she works all day Sunday. But we have faith that the Lord can prepare a way for those who desire to keep the commandments!

Colon Missionaries

Elder Opazo had to get an ingrown toenail removed this week (ouch!!) and so he stayed with Marcos Cacosso, while I left for a couple hours with a youth named Pinu. It was fun and he also wants to go on a mission. We were able to have a good lesson with [...] and make a couple of contacts. And speaking of [...], Elder Opazo and I had a really great lesson with him and his partner, [...] the other day. She had a few doubts about the Book of Mormon, and then [...], who has been searching his own testimony turned to her and started telling her he knew it was true! He told her that there was no way Joseph Smith could have known about some of the prophecies made in Helaman 8 that he read, and how ´the book wasn't written yesterday or something´ haha. Super sweet! Now, just if we can get them to church!

We have had to spend a lot of time looking for houses this week, and finally we found a brand new apartment at a really great price! The apartment building is going to be finishing up in a couple of days and if we move there we would be the only ones in the whole building haha. We have like no options though haha, but it is really nice. Now we are just waiting on the financers to get some arrangements made. 

We had a ward mission leader called this week, someone named Freddy, which has been really awesome! He is getting really involved and is a return missionary, so that has been good.

This week, we were contacting and found the grandma of someone who was just murdered this week in another city! :( We have seen the posters all over the city and the news and stuff. as it is a huge deal here, so it was pretty crazy to find a relative. We testified to her about the Plan of Salvation and she said it was really hard on her, but we could pass by another day if we wanted. Pretty crazy experience.

P Day today has been super awesome. We found this rec room place in a mall and got permission from the zone leaders to go play! It was really fun and they had air hockey and basketball games and stuff like that. Oh yeah... and I totally got the record on the basketball game haha. 

Afterwards, Elder Opazo and I went and played soccer with a bunch of jovenes in the branch. It was fun. I was totally blowing it against all of these little latinos, but I as least made a header goal haha. So that was fun. 

Colon is really awesome. We have changes in a week, and I am honestly really hoping I can stay another change here, but we will see. Also, tomorrow I have to go to Montevideo for my cedula, or residency, which will ensure I won't have any more illegal problems haha. I love you all! Thanks for all the great letters and support.

Elder Layton

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