Wednesday, May 3, 2017

First the Baptism, Then Back to Uruguay

I have had a wonderful 3 changes here in Argentina, and have learned so much in Colon!!! I will be headed back to Uruguay, to a zone called Colonia. The city is called Rosario, and honestly I don't know much about it, because although hna Ortiz, Elder Bowler, and the zone leaders have all served in Colonia, apparently Rosario wasn't opened up when they were there. I have heard that Colonia is really beautiful though! My companion is going to be Elder Limachi, who is actually from my group haha. I think he is from Bolivia or something, but I haven't really seen him much on the mission, so don't know him too much yet :) I am really excited though.

I went to Monetvideo this week to do another part in the cedula process, but I still didnt get it so I should go back in a few weeks. The good news though is Colonia is just a couple of hours from Montevideo. It was a long trip on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I didnt get to much sleep as we had to travel all night. I did get to spend half a day in a place called Paysandu though and went on divisions with Elder Espinosa from my group. It was super fun. I also saw almost my whole group in Montevideo as they were all there for their cedulas. It was great to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to! The bus on the way back to Argentina broke down for a while so we had to wait until another passing bus could pick us up haha. 

The Colon "Baptismal Font"
The process this week in preparing for the baptism had its fair share of complications but we got it through! The baptismal pool.actually started leaking all around but we got it patched up. That was a little sketchy because the new church we have has dry wall, and apparently the water would completely destroy that if the pook broke. But, even though the plastic connector parts started coming undone as the pool filled up, we made arrangements :). We also had issues with filling the thing because our source of water didnt work. We actually worked on it all day Friday, and thank you all for your prayers because after a couple of hours, the water started working a little bit. It took ALL day, but we were able to fill it. It was also a process as we had to use buckets as the hose was broken haha. BUT the important thing is in the end it all worked out and Zoe was baptized!!! Wooooooooh! It was such a great experience, and the branch was so supportive!

Zoe's Baptism

Ward Support at the Baptism

We played soccer with a lot of youth again this week and [...], our investigator came. He is pretty good! He is also making a ton of progress. He has been keeping commitments, and reading the Book or Mormon. The other day when we went, he had read way more than we left him with, and said it was starting to make more sense. I love seeing people starting to develop their testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! It really makes any sacrifice here on the mission so worth it!

I will miss this area so much. The members have been really awesome, as well as all of the other people I have met. I am so grateful to have had a baptism my last week here :) I leave for Colonia early tomorrow. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Elder Layton

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