Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Friends in Colon


Man, I am super pumped right now as I just heard I have a nephew on the way!! Congratulations Briana!! 

We have been searching a lot for house this week, and it has been tough. Colon is really touristy, and so most options are for a week or so. A couple that we have found are really nice but aren’t really missionary houses- They have like one big king size bed haha. Asi que vamos a seguir buscando.

Elder Layton and a Friend

We have had a lot of service opportunities this week as well. One really awesome one was on Saturday where we helped the Godoy family take out the roof on their house and make some changes and additions. It was really fun and it took most of the day. 

[...] is making awesome progress! Her baptism is scheduled for April 29th and she is on track as she came to church again with her family!! [...] also came to church again with the hermanas, and she is on track for the 29th as well!

We finally found [...] this week, after so much time! She has been in Concepcion for a while, but she said she is going to be staying here for a few days each week, so we want to keep going with her. She said she has still been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, which was really good to hear after not having contact for about a month.

Elder Layton With Another Friend
Elder Opazo and I were planning a talent show for the branch this past week for Saturday but it ended up getting canceled, so we will see if we can reschedule it. The members have been getting really excited though. We are going to sing a couple songs with Marcos Cacosso- Venid Adoremos and Somewhere over the Rainbow haha. Its coming along good. I also got a cool video of a talent Elder Opazo has- he likes spinning things on his finger :)

That's about it for this week. Thanks for all of your emails! I hope you all had a great Easter. We got big chocolate eggs from Zoe and Cande haha. Super awesome. Ill send pictures. Love you all!

Elder Layton


  1. Oh it is so fun to see him and read how well he is done by and better yet how happy he is!!

  2. I agree -- it's been a blast watching all of these young kids go out and serve missions. I see Maddy is loving her mission, other than perhaps the food. :)

  3. So proud of that awesome kid! I love him. You should textme his address.