Monday, February 27, 2017

The Work, Sunsets & Minions Make For An Awesome Week!

Elders Layton & Raimnundo

It has been an awesome week! First off, I just got an email from Elder Good that Las Acacias is doing really well. He said Dario, our investigator got baptized and Sebastian has a baptismal date! So that is pretty exciting. 

Also, it was Elder Raimundo`s birthday on Thursday. We took a bus up to San Jose to have a lesson and lunch with a recent convert, Carlos Etcheveste. They gave us the best lunch ever- chicken and potatoes (hermana Etcheveste is a super good cook) and we also had a cake after :). 

Afterwards, we had a little extra lunch time and so we went and tried on a couple disney costumes that they have. Familia Etcheveste lived in the states for a few years and worked in disneyworld, so they have a whole room filled with a bunch of costumes they for some reason got. But it was really funny, and even though it was literally the hottest thing I have ever worn, it was worth a few minutes for some awesome pictures as a despicable me minion haha. 

Elder Layton said they were really hot, but it was worth it!

We found a great new investigator named [...] this week, We had contacted him a couple weeks ago but made it back to Barrio Ombu on Wednesday (a small neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere). When we got there, he didnt answer and right when we were about to leave, all of the sudden some music turned on inside. It was the band `Red Hot Chili Peppers` and Elder Raimundo was excited because that is his favorite band haha. So we waited for another minute because we figured he was home, but no one answered. 

We were just about to leave again when [...] that 13 year old kid we ran into a few weeks ago saw us and came to talk to us. He was with a few of his friends, and I am glad they talked to us because after talking for a bit, [...] pulled up in his car, and let us come in. 

Gorgeous Sunset - Elder Layton said the pic didn't do it justice
We ended up having a great lesson with him, and he is really receptive and awesome, so I am glad we had a few of those stalls happen before he came home, or we would have missed him. He was really excited when we gave him a Book of Mormon and he rewarded us with ice cream (the mission is totally worth it! haha) 

We were contacting this week and ended up finding an old investigator named [...]. We had taught her a lesson a month or so ago, but could never find her after. It turns out she had moved to her sister`s house. We taught the restoration to the both of them and it was really great! They also said they would be baptized if God answers their prayers!

I love the mission so much and I truly feel so blessed by being here! I know that God really has a perfect plan for each one of us and like Romans 8:28 says, all things will work together for our good if we love God and follow his commandments. The church is so true everyone! Don't forget it!

Elder Layton

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