Monday, February 20, 2017

Grateful to Know That Our Savior Was So Willing

Hey everyone!

We spent half of our last P-Day in Concepcion because our zone meeting went long and the next bus to Colon wasn't until the afternoon. But it was fun, we did some stuff with the zone. Most of our zone stayed the same this change, but we also got two more Elders, including Elder Passey from my group! So now our zone in Argentina has 2 districts, not one.

The roads were way more flooded than this before, but I never had my camera
We had another lesson with [...and...] this week. They are pretty awesome and [...] especially loves having us over. She says she has been praying a lot and said she saw her mother's face in the night sky telling her not to leave what she has. She is a lifetime dedicated Catholic, but she said she thought she had to pick between the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and couldn't leave the Bible (even though we have repeatedly told her we also believe in the Bible haha). But we are trying to make sure they understand that the Book of Mormon doesn't replace or take anything from the Bible, but only adds to it and gives us additional light and knowledge. To me, it is evidence that God loves us because he wants to give us more and help us really understand his will for us. 

She has some fears because she is receiving some criticism from her son for listening to us, and her family has been Catholic for a really long time, but she says she feels the Book of Mormon is true when she reads it, and always feels good when we come by to share a message. We am really hoping we can help her and [...] distinguish their doubts and fears and trust in the path God has laid for them!

We also found a couple new investigators named [... and ...] this week. He is 19 and she's 22, and they were recently married. They are super nice and receptive and although they didnt have a ton of time in the first lesson, the accepted a BOM and said we could come back to teach more. I love teaching people who are real seeker´s of truth, and it just makes you feel so happy when you see others making steps closer to Jesus Christ!

[...] is doing really well too! We still haven't been able to get her to church because she was out of town this weekend, but every lesson goes so well with her and her nieces and nephews across the street who come over to listen each time. Last week we introduced her to a ´quit smoking in 7 days´ program by the church, and the last we checked up, she is diligently following all the steps every day, and hadn't smoked a cigarette in 5 days! She is really awesome, and is progressing a ton- we just need to get her to church!!

Super cool to hear about [...] and her family! Also, tell Alexandra thanks for me, that was really nice of her to write that. 

I would like to thank all of my family and friends for your prayers and support as I am serving here in another country. The mission isn't easy but there is one thing I know- the Atonement was far more difficult than serving a mission. And I am so grateful that our Savior was so willing and loving to do all he did for me and each one of you! I know that He lives! And I am hoping I can do all that I can to give back, because it is really only a small sacrifice considering all I have been blessed with! And the mission may not be easy, but it is totally worth it!! I love you all, and thanks for your prayers!

Elder Layton

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