Monday, February 6, 2017

Recognizing the Fruits of the Spirit

Elders Raimundo and Layton
Well, it has been a super awesome week and we have found some really awesome new investigators!! To start, we found this 11 year old stud named Thomas earlier this week and taught him the restoration. It was super awesome, the spirit was there, and he understood everything pretty well. He said he believes the message is true and we encouraged him to study and pray about it too in order to gain a witness from the spirit. But we extended him a baptismal invitation and he accepted! We are going to follow up with him today for another lesson, but he is super awesome and seems really interested.

We also found an older couple named [...] and [...]. We contacted them last week and gave them a restoration pamphlet. When we came back this week, She invited us in, sat us down and said she had all of these questions about the folleto she read, and we had to explain it better to her. So we taught her this message, and she started understanding very well, saying that it all made sense. [...] was cooking during the beginning of the lesson, but then joined us part way through as well. But it was seriously an incredible lesson. They were really receptive and fun to teach. 

[...] has been a lifelong faithful member of the Catholic church but said there was something different she felt about our message. Then she started telling us how she was feeling, and mentioned every witness of the spirit that I can think of- peace, joy, comfort, love, and that it just feels right. Seriously so awesome. We definitely think we are going to extend a baptismal date in the next lesson for the both of them. She is an author, and loves to read, and became really excited when we gave her a Book of Mormon!
This is a Sapo (Toad), quite large. They make a WAAAAAAAAAAA sound.

And now for [...]- she is making SO much progress!! We had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) with her and the Cacosso family last Monday. We watched ´Un Legado Sigular, El Libro de Mormon´ , shared some scriptures and thoughts, and then ate homemade ice cream (sooooo good!). She really enjoyed the video and I think it made a big impact on her, because we have had a couple more lesson with her this week as well, and each time she has been reading a ton more than just what we leave her with. She is progressing a ton!! I can see her testimony growing a lot and now each time we come over she is waiting for us with chairs out, her daughter, and three of her nieces and nephews that like listening! 

In our last lesson with her, I was here with Elder Castro on divisions and after we finished the lesson, she started showing me all of the answers to her questions she had found just in one night. And then, when Elder Castro was talking to her other family members, she told me that she received a really direct answer to her prayers and that she wants to share her spiritual experience with us when it is more private, because her family was all there. But she is seriously so awesome, and has been diligently studying, seeking, and pondering about the scriptures every day!

The Lord is surely giving us blessings and it is awesome because I know He is preparing people to hear His message. Seriously, even though this area hasn't had a baptism in nearly a year, I feel super excited about this next change and think that we might have a couple. 

By the way we just learned that the new assistant to the President will be.... Elder Layton! Haha, it is true, but that is the other Elder Layton that is in our mission right now :) 

On Saturday, we had the most BOMB asado with family Godoy. Man, I wish you all could experience this asado I had. Literally the best thing ever. I feel spoiled haha.

Elder Raimundo and I still haven't received our changes yet for Wednesday, so I will have to let you all know next week! But I love this work. The Lord seriously blesses us when we are obedient and follow His Spirit. I know this work is true and that there are unimaginable blessing in store for those who choose to follow Christ. I love you all so much! 

Elder Layton

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