Monday, January 2, 2017

Now Coming to You From Argentina

The Olsen Family, Elders Layton & Good While Still in Uruguay
Hey guys,

Let me just say, Argentina is so awesome and my new companion Elder Raimundo and I are having a ton of fun together! He is from Lima Peru and he has about a year in the mission. He is the district leader here in Argentina, and there is only one district in our whole zone, since there are just 8 or us.

This is his third change here and we are serving in an area called Colón. There used to be another set of hermanas whose area was the other part of Colón, but they were taken out a few months ago and so now we have a huge area.

Anyways, Elder Raimundo and I are having so much fun together. We have kept really busy because he had a bunch of future investigators when I arrived, and we have luckily found and had lessons with many of them. We have gotten a few people with baptismal dates in just the last couple days too! Two of the most promising investigators we have with a date are named [...] and [...]. They were each contacts on the street that Elder Raimundo made before I came and they are both super interested. We have just taught the restoration to both of them so far, but they already seem really prepared, and both said they would be baptized February 11th if they come to know these things are true!

It is really easy to just contact someone on the street and get a lesson with them. We have taught the restoration a ton. We have gotten 5 new fechas in just 3 days and 8 new investigators! Elder Raimundo is a really good contactor and teacher, and he has been teaching me a lot. We also have a lot bigger of an area than I had before. We have our big area as well as the big area the hermanas used to have. A lot of dirt roads too, and most people live in older, poorer houses than Montevideo.

Argentina is really beautiful. It is also quite a bit different than Montevideo. First off, it is soooo hot, even more than was in Montevideo. Second off, our area mostly consists of dirt roads and there are more humble circumstances. Also, the people here are just SO receptive of us. We have already found 8 new investigators in the past 3 days mostly due to street contacting. Another thing I enjoy is the air is fresher. In Montevideo, there was always someone smoking everywhere you could look haha.

But speaking of Montevideo, I really miss Las Acacias too. There were some super awesome members there and a couple progressing investigators I will really miss. It is funny because I didn't fully realize how connected to some of the people I am. It was pretty hard saying bye to everyone. We had lessons with [...] and [...] the day before I left, and they both started crying :/

But the branch here is super awesome as well. I really love it here. One family in particular, family [...] is super awesome. They were converted a year ago, but are super strong in the church. They give us lunch a lot and Marcos, the dad is such an incredible cook! He hooks us up haha. We also sing a lot when we go over there. He is an awesome singer and guitar player, and we always harmonize and stuff haha. The mission is pretty stinkin great :) Love you all.

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