Monday, March 13, 2017

Feeling the Savior's Love

Elders Layton & Layton (the OTHER Elder Layton is an Asst to the President)
Hey everyone!
It is good to hear Bend is warming up. Here it is finally getting tolerable, and it has actually been a little chilly a couple nights. Elder Raimundo was here during last winter and said Argentina out of all the zones gets the coldest as well. Haha we will see.
The mission is going by way too fast now. I know I said that last week, but this week was a blink as well. We have actually kept pretty busy. 
Elder Raimundo did actually get pretty sick to start the week so we had to spend half of Tuesday in the house. He was convinced it was the homemade empanadas that a family gave us that day for lunch, although luckily it didnt affect me in the slightest haha. They were actually some bomb empanadas. 
We had a bit of time in the house that day, so I started making 3 by 5 flashcards of all the seminary scripture masteries, because I want to re-learn them all. I will have to admit, in seminary I usually read the scripture a few times and crammed it in my brain, quoted it to check it off the list and then forgot it. And so advice to all the youth in Mt Bachelor- take scripture masteries more seriously, they will come to help a lot on the mission :).
We went way out in the middle of nowhere on Friday to visit a less active member, the husband of an active lady. And as we were walking, we looked over and could see all of Colon, as we were on higher ground. It was really beautiful and is really green kind of like Oregon. Anyways, we went over to this older couple's house and WOW- Their house was absolutely enormous. It was basically a mansion and even had tons of statues and things like that. Haha, I had no idea. Elder Raimundo told me it was huge because he had gone once before, but only when I got there, I really saw what he was talking about.
This week has been starting to calm down a little bit with the weather and it hasn't been so unbearably hot, so that has been really nice! We have done a lot of contacting. Just yesterday, we got an awesome new investigator named [...]! We had contacted her earlier this week, and as we were leaving, she said `Good, I need to change from my religion anyways` hahaha. She was kind of joking, but when we came back she was really awesome. We taught her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon, and she took it really well. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and even if she felt it was true she would be baptized by someone with the authority to do so! So I am really excited to follow up with her!
Honestly, I recognize that I need the divine help of the Savior so very much because I have many weaknesses. According to Helaman 4:13, I know if I am prideful and glory in my own strength, I will be left in my own strength. I know this is the true Gospel and on my mission I can't literally say I hunger for more wisdom and knowledge that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
That is about it for now. Colon is super awesome and I really love being here on my mission. I feel blessed the Lord has entrusted me with the opportunity to spread his gospel. This truly is a `great and marvelous work` and I am so very grateful for the love from the Savior I feel as I serve and learn more about Him. We are ever blessed to have the Gospel. I treasure it every day. Love you guys! I hope you all have a great week. And to my family- I hope you have fun in Mexico, but I`m sorry it's not as cool as Argentina :)
Elder Layton

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